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Covid-19 Update


As the CDC has recommended that people who have been vaccinated can now stop wearing a mask in public and private.  Many businesses have changed their guidelines for mask wearing and social distancing, however we have not.  Masks and social distancing are still required at our location.  We take every precaution by sanitizing our hands, wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing equipment, chairs, and surfaces that have been touched.    We respect everyone's rights but at this time due to the nature of our business, we are going to require masks be worn.

We understand how dangerous this pandemic is.  Because of this, we are doing the following to keep you safe:

  1. Everyone who enters the store must wear a face covering (mask preferred)

  2. Because of our small space, customers must stay 6 foot away each other

  3. Merchandise is cleaned before and after being touched

  4. We will be transitioning to touch-less computer masks fittings for some of our suppliers.

  5. Should you not want a fitting, we are selling fitpacks that contain multiple cushion sizes so you can fit yourself at home

  6. Disinfecting all door handles, seating and merchandise after clients are in our store.

  7. We are following all local, state and federal mandated for your protection